Lives and works in Tokyo


Ayano Nakano, better known as Lotta, made a name for herself through various collaborations with her unique character, Socks the Ghost Cat.


Socks, the mysterious ghost cat who travels freely between novels, dreams, and memories of living things, was born from Lotta’s doodles. The creatures Socks has met, the sceneries he has seen, and the events experienced through the mysterious power he possesses, DIVE, can be found in the various collection of Lotta’s works. 


“I simply want everyone to enjoy my work. 

I don't want to lose the sense of hope and the excitement I felt as a child. I wish to bring it back, even if only a little, to people who have already lost sight of it. Maybe Socks will come to visit you in your dreams or memories before you know it :).”


Music being one of Lotta’s biggest inspirations, she explores the spectrum-wide exhibition concepts to connect music and art, creating an art scene beyond visual pleasure. 


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